Short + sweet spots for Scottish Small Businesses

Being a small business owner is hard. Being a small business owner during the absolute hog-roast of a year that was 2020 was all caps italics HARD. QuickBooks' mission is to help small businesses do business, and my mission is to make delightful little morsels of entertainment - and so client and creatives joined forces to offer the opportunity to five Scottish small buisnesses to create and air adverts made just for them.

Animation was chosen as the approach to navigate around lockdown restrictions, and we worked with animation director Chris Bristow and the crackerjack team at BlinkInk to pair each of our five businesses with an animator with a complementary style. The small business owners themselves provided the voice over talent (which led to some memorable zoom calls from inside wardrobes and under duvet covers as our vocal talents improvised at-home recording setups).

It's Nice That feature
BlinkInk QuickBooks