Rachel Clancy
Creative excuse for a human
"Shy - but incredibly hungry"

Creative, Wieden + Kennedy // Present
Graphic Designer, Design Factory // 2016
Jr. Art Director, Hill Holliday // 2015

Internships // 2013 - 2014
Glad Creative // Six19 Printing //
Copper Reed Studio

Limerick School of Art and Design
BA (HONS) Visual Communication
& Graphic Design

+44 7778 333574

Graduate Portfolio


SEPTEMBER 2019: BACK2WERK Currently back at W+K by day and making games at night.

JUNE 2019: TECHNO WIZARD Received £25,000 from the Sky Women In Tech Scholarship

SEPTEMBER 2018: BACK2SKOOL Enrolled on the "Independent Games And Playable Experience Design" MA at Goldsmiths Uni

NOVEMBER 2016: CODE LIB V&A SHOW After a two month game development workshop, I showed my game "Recieve Music" as part of Code Lib's V&A exhibition.

OCTOBER 2016: JOINED CODE LIBERATION Code Liberation is an organisation dedicated to getting women/female identifying people into STEAM fields.

JUNE 2016: INAUGERATED AS A W+K KENNEDY Seven months of having fun + getting hurt as part of W+K's creative incubator.

APRIL 2016: SENT MY BOSS 64 DICK PICS "If I can make looking at unsolicited dick pics a pleasant experience - What could I do in advertising?"

JANUARY 2016: GRAPHIC DESIGNER - DESIGN FACTORY Spent several much needed months with the DF team putting some polish on my information design skills.

JANUARY 2016: MOVED TO DUBLIN Moved into a bedsit with no heating, minimal electricity, and nothing to cook with but a toaster.

NOVEMBER 2015: BOOTED FROM AMERICA Just as I was hitting my stride in Boston, my work visa came to an end and I packed my bags for home.

SEPTEMBER 2015: DESIGN EXCHANGE BOSTON Tried to make new friends in Boston. Ended up planning a conference.

AUGUST 2015: ART DIRECTOR'S CLUB - ALL STARS I won portfolio night Boston, ate the catering out of house and home, and got a free trip to New York.

DECEMBER 2014: JR. ART DIRECTOR - HILL HOLIDAY Hill Holiday took a chance on me and gave me my first real, legitimate, "I am getting paid for this", jr.Art Directorc job.

OCTOBER 2014: MOVED TO BOSTON It was time to take the show on the road, and I happen to choose to move during the heaviest year for snowfall since records began.

JULY 2014: THE CONTACT LENSE FACTORY Graduate job opportunities can be scarce, so to fund my visa to the US I spent the summer of 2014 working night shifts on an assembly line in a contact lense factory.

JUNE 2014: BA HONS BANTER I graduated with a BA (HONS) in Visual Communication and Graphic Design. You can see some of the work of my fledgling mind at

JULY 2013: SCREEN PRINTER - SIX19 PRINTING When not frying off my pale Irish hide, I got hands on with the print production process, working with screen, offset, and digital printing.

JUNE 2013: MOVED TO SAN DIEGO Spent the summer of 2013 getting woefully sunburnt in sunny California.

FEBRUARY 2013: DESIGN INTERN - GLAD The Glad Lads set me off on sure footing on my placement. To this day I still have the gargantuan mug they gave me as a going away present.

FEBRUARY 2013: MOVED TO NEWCASTLE Spent my 3rd year placement not in Dublin, not London, but the snowy frontier of Newcastle.

SEPTEMBER 2010: LSaD After 6 years of being dragged through secondary school, I became a student at Limerick School of Art and Design. I came there to study sculpture, I left as a graphic designer, such is life!