Branding for 360° VR Experience

The outdoor clothing brand Merrell was launching a new hiking boot with an experience at the Cannes Film Festival. TrailScape recreated a walk in the Dolomite Mountains, complete with physical elements like ropes that mark a bridge, a rock wall and fans that simulate wind.

One of my very first jobs at Hill Holliday was to design the Trailscape logo. Strangely, the logo was one of the last pieces of experience to be designed, and so working backwards from the branding elements already in place, the final mark was based on the points of a compass and the geometric environment design. I also helped out with the print collateral and promotional material for the event.

Trailscape scooped up some prizes at The One Show, I got to attend the award ceremony. and had too much fun.

Trailscape FWA Case Study